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Biography. Image of Cheikha.

CHEIKH MAMADOU N'DIONGUE is his real name. He was born in Senegal (West Africa) and he has absorbed the rythms of his country since he was a child.

He is the composer and performer of his own songs. His lyrics speak about social, economical and political issues from the world today and from Africa in particular. CHEIKHA also denounces problems such as racism, tribal wars or the new colonialism in his songs.

He has lived in Barcelona since 2001. He payed at the Expo in Zaragoza in August 2008. He has also played with his band in Barcelona in jazz clubs (Harlem Jazz Club), music bars (Chekere Club, Bantaba, Chaise Lounge, Sottovoce...), civic centres (La Casa Elizalde,Sagrada Familia, El Coll,Forpienc), world music festivals (Vitoria 2004, Burgos 2004, Diversons 2004, Raval 2005) and in local festivals such as PremiÓ de Mar, Agramunt and El Prat de Llobregat .

He signed his first contract with Pep Sala┤s record company l┤INDI MUSIC on December 1rst, 2006 in Sta Eulàlia de Riuprimer (Spain). For the distribution of the debut album AMOR MBEUGËL, l┤INDI MUSIC will work in collaboration with three national companies located in Barcelona: Distribution Disclub S.A., Discos Castellˇ and Outline Distribution.

CHEIKHA has also participated in the soundtrack of the film CARGO, a British, Spanish and Swedish co-production directed by Clive Gordon and starring Peter Mullan, Daniel BrŘhl and Luis Tosar among others.