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Biography. Image of Cheikha.

The MBALAX is a music from Senegal.This style has become popular thanks to singers such as Youssou N´Dour or Ismael Lo among others.The MBALAX mixes traditional Senegalese percussion with modern instruments such as the guitar, the bass, the keyboard or the saxophone. In their concerts, the members of Cheikha Band make the audience dance to this wonderful music.

The current formation of the band includes musicians from different nationalities, a fact which contributes to give a multicultural flavour to their concerts.

The current members of CHEIKHA BAND are :

  • Luis David García, bass (Catalonia).
  • Vieux Sanokho, African percussion (Senegal).
  • Rafa Seggre, Spanish guitar (France).
  • Gabriel Cuéllar, keyboard (Colombia).
  • Norman Jankowski, drums and Brazilian percussion (Germany).
  • Seynabou Sow, dancer (Senegal).

Rider Cheikha Band

Rider, Cheikha Band